bewitched land of ruins !!

Its been long since i wrote something about an expedition..Guess the word expedition would be undermining the four days we had .early morning, misty weather , an express way , what  better way can you ask for ,to  start a perfect ride?? Only that you starved for almost 2 hours without finding a restaurant. before the sun hits our head , we reached chitradurga,the enchanted fort remains, which are said to be the once habitat of the infamous rakshas “Hidumba” .. the first time i ever experienced the feel of actual rock climbing than the dummy ones that we see at malls and every nook and corner walls (scorning ).feeling sad that i got tanned for free…I can see my partner scorning me for saying that  ;). after our lunch and a light refreshment we head to the secret cave under the rocks..with out the aid of a guide we lead ourselves into the dungeon..ooohlala..there it was , the unfolded mystery of luxury from the BCs.later on we hoist ourselves to the land of ruins , the empire vijayanagara aka Hampi.

It would be really good and great if i publish the memoir via few pics….so here it goes..

to be  too lazy to write the whole thing, coz it takes a lot of brain refresh, since this travel  took place in august 2015, and i lost almost three quarter of a year behind  due to my laziness to complete i guess whomsoever is reading will surely visit hampi for i hope these pictures sure can lure you there ..



celebrate the differences !!

left and right i see them,

all along i saw them ,

but never thought these would ever matter,

for it is we who can make our life shatter .

three magic words that i need to espouse,

celebrate the differences!!