Howrah to Howrah with love…

Yes ..may be I don’t know how to reach my office from the place where I stay..but definitely I know how to get to Kolkata city and to roam around the city (not the entire city though ) using  two hell-thee legs….awesomeness would be an under rated word to describe this here it goes..the day started with the mundane routine n stuff..lazy  day it was , drizzling outside and damp weather everywhere…so unlike Kolkata.

I started from the place where I stay ..let’s call it as ROOM 4 for the time being.. Waited at the bus stop for almost half an hour , finally got into an ac bus ..which is the only bad thing I did today..I could have got into some other bus..anyway..moving on..reached Howrah with little visibility of the side scenes as we pass by…

Good heavens there I saw the beams of those gigantic cantilever bastard painted in silver..guess my heart just skipped a beat..I jumped out of the bus as soon as the driver hit break..walked back all the way to the giant …yes..there it is..luckily we have a sidewalk for the common men like us..the river hoogly was quite angry at the nature I suppose..all muddy she pushed the dirt to the banks..still I see men bathing in the angry mother… Ferry boats crossing with people like ants in it..there amidst the rain n dirt in the road,I walked dragging my  palazzo pants..for all the people who don’t know what a palazzo pant is ..its a long skirt like pant..I usually mind getting things dirty..but not today..guess that’s the beauty of the liberation from my life..from my very own being…I walked with my head high ignoring the  comments n eve teasing. walked through m g road inquiring about the tram route..little did I know the language…somehow I managed without sulking about the grammar mistakes I made all the while.
Just then I saw a tram passing by which was around 100 m ahead of me..I was a little slow to reach the stop..but then I decided to wait there for a while longer ..finally it came near me ..a metal drum dragged on the road growling and whistling while it in and asked for the the ticket till the last stop for I was unaware of the stops in and around Kolkata..

As we were dragged through the streets we heard the crowd begging  for blessings from the goddess ,crying with joy all along..decided to get down and follow the crowd for quarter a mile maybe bored ..its all the same..people are crazy when it comes to invisible  power..just like me ..but begging to a different goddess..

From there the city of joy took me to many places like chandni chowk, esplanade, China town, ICH near university of culcatta and presidency college  , Victoria memorial which is another marvelous wonder near rabindra sadhan…the city fed me with the tastiest tandoori chicken I have ever had from  a restaurant named ‘Amenia’…biriyani from the famous arsalan..”meat ” bhuna from zam zam…wow !!