Deaf life ..

Spoke to him all along
In an unvoiced whisper
Don’t know for how long
For I have been a  talker.

Looked in his eyes,
Told him I loved you,
The moment I saw your eyes,
And still I am in love with you.

Asked him will you be with me
Till the end of this world?
will you ever be  giving me
That string of love , for its my world?

Then he turned to me with a childish grin and a raised brow
And said..sorry I am deaf for I have no tomorrow…


Song of hope

Together we ran into the sky of hope,
Trust me, one day we will fly, do hope.

That day, though years after,
But us the same as e’er.
We will run, walk and ride through the lane we desire,
Then too the night shall play the song for us to cherish.

Sorry, I have nothing more to give
Even when you promise the world for me to thrive.
Let me give you this song of hope
For we shall meet at the road as we hope.


Frozen moments

Fell again and sure will fall again
Though I run against  the sinking pain
For  I see the dark blue eyes,
In it I see love in all the shades.

Why I asked many a times
Yet no answer but smiles.
Though I see the love in all its shades
Yet I ignore the love for I see no choice.

Spilled those words for the first second and third time..
But hoping for the infinity of time.
Part me my way for I see no way
Though you wish to freeze the moment
oh! But  freezing doesn’t bring me any choice
For I see no way for the infinite time to spill those words..