Not her anymore..

Worthy and yet not anything more,
I see I am not her anymore.

But why did this happen,
Though all say, changes will happen .
Why do the changes hit you hard,
Strike you down with a boom and thud.

Flipped many a times,
And almost lost a couple of times.
But still got back to the track to find,
The absolute bliss I always cherished.

Grow up lady, I said, changes happen.
Beat the change in you or burn !
May be you need to accept the unacceptable.
Maybe you don’t understand what’s on the table.

Please do not regret for not being her anymore.
For she had no clue who the real world were.

Nothing I see around has meaning in it,
Guess everything’s changed, just accept it.

May be your world will crumble around you.
But hopefully you will find a world around you…


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