Not her anymore..

Worthy and yet not anything more,
I see I am not her anymore.

But why did this happen,
Though all say, changes will happen .
Why do the changes hit you hard,
Strike you down with a boom and thud.

Flipped many a times,
And almost lost a couple of times.
But still got back to the track to find,
The absolute bliss I always cherished.

Grow up lady, I said, changes happen.
Beat the change in you or burn !
May be you need to accept the unacceptable.
Maybe you don’t understand what’s on the table.

Please do not regret for not being her anymore.
For she had no clue who the real world were.

Nothing I see around has meaning in it,
Guess everything’s changed, just accept it.

May be your world will crumble around you.
But hopefully you will find a world around you…


Call me when London’s burning

Up in the sky, fumes we saw
Together we ran, but no one we saw

Screaming everywhere,
But no one to find anywhere.

Cop cars pelt along the roads,
Sprinkling red lights all along the fields.

Sound of the cane bashing against the human skin
But why do they impinge on humans such pain?

What have they done to start this all?
What shall be done to end this all?
All we have to do is run now
Leave everything behind and run now.

Alongside I saw a man lying there with no bother.
Don’t know why I stopped though he ain’t my brother.

I called, wake up and run for London’s burning.
He clutched his bag and stood up to see the place burning.

Sadly all he saw were the fumes from the street
And we heard the rising screams from the street.

Battling around,
looting the ground.
Fire away , you goons he said.
This is what’s meant to be he said.

Then together we ran to the end of nowhere.
Leaving everything behind, and no rue.


Forever yours

The first time i saw you across the hall,
everyone there between us made it a thirty mile hall.

Still i sensed you the first time,
like you are no one i have met in my time.

The next time i saw you amidst the four walls,
Smiling at me for no reason, with full soul.
Still, I hid the sense i had the first time,
for the pride was intense, not to show you every time.

We walked dark hours , you waited.
We talked long hours , you waited.
Hated you for days , still you waited.

When they told me its time,
I saw fear in your eyes for the first time.

Amongst the cloud we held our souls,
We kissed and we traded our souls.

Every time we kissed and everything we did,
We felt no wrong.
Everything we saw and every time we spent,
We felt no wrong.
For every bit of it was pure,
like the metal from the fire,I am sure.

We brooded over the approaching end,
But it was not over, not the end.
Rather it was merely the beginning,
of a gritty yet beautiful life in making.

Still we are,
though not what we were.
But what we are,
plough for what we desire.

Near or far,
I will always be yours.
Together or apart,
My heart will always yearn for yours.


Peace bundle

Told him the pain I had,
He listened and listened,
Yet dint utter a word.

Hoped he would say something,
Yet he smiled when I was weeping.

Finally he said,
You are strong, he said
Wish I could take away your pain,
He said with nothing much to gain.

He knew I was drowning,
Yet he watched me sink.
He saw my heart wrenching,
Yet he let my eyes turn pink.

He dint wink, dint even blink
Kept looking into my eyes,
With those dark, deep eyes.

Then he whispered,
Into my ears unvoiced.
I see you dear,
I feel for you dear.
Rise up and around.
For the peace is around.


My little butterfly wings

Please don’t run,
please slow down..
I know I promised soon,
Was up in the moon,
blinded by the sight
Sorry that I made you wait

My little butterfly wings
Spread it out,
Don’t hold it tight,
On a stormy night.
Fly up to the sky,you have to
Battle your little wings all the way to..

Sorry I don’t see time
when  around you
Though I took a lot of time
And life off you
Please don’t run , please slow down
My little  butterfly wings is out from cocoon..