my very own watchwords !!

Stand up with your raised hands everyday for two minutes !!

Smile a lot, because it makes you happy no matter what  !!

Never compare , because its never the same !!!

Always know that  the experiences are individualistic !!

Whats gone is gone, let it go and do not chase it !!

Listen to the rhythm of your heart and follow it !!

And Finally ……….

Love yourself a lot, because no one can match the way you do it …



bewitched land of ruins !!

Its been long since i wrote something about an expedition..Guess the word expedition would be undermining the four days we had .early morning, misty weather , an express way , what  better way can you ask for ,to  start a perfect ride?? Only that you starved for almost 2 hours without finding a restaurant. before the sun hits our head , we reached chitradurga,the enchanted fort remains, which are said to be the once habitat of the infamous rakshas “Hidumba” .. the first time i ever experienced the feel of actual rock climbing than the dummy ones that we see at malls and every nook and corner walls (scorning ).feeling sad that i got tanned for free…I can see my partner scorning me for saying that  ;). after our lunch and a light refreshment we head to the secret cave under the rocks..with out the aid of a guide we lead ourselves into the dungeon..ooohlala..there it was , the unfolded mystery of luxury from the BCs.later on we hoist ourselves to the land of ruins , the empire vijayanagara aka Hampi.

It would be really good and great if i publish the memoir via few pics….so here it goes..

to be  too lazy to write the whole thing, coz it takes a lot of brain refresh, since this travel  took place in august 2015, and i lost almost three quarter of a year behind  due to my laziness to complete i guess whomsoever is reading will surely visit hampi for i hope these pictures sure can lure you there ..