Kochi, my beloved !!!

A place where a piece of my heart is happily cast aside.

You’ve grown immensely gracious and mesmerisingly  beautiful through these years.

Though your breathe smelled  , damp , humid and salty,

You’ve always slyly found a way to take my breathe away, Yet again!!

Though your mortals are lewd and repulsive at many times,

You’ve somehow given me the chills and charms , Yet again !!

Though you are mantled in plastic waste and neglected,

You’ve been that place where I found magic, made memories and lost forever, Yet again!!

Adieu , My beloved !! Till next time …







Beds of Kamaathi

those ginger shaded lights,

and saris hauled as shades.

smell of puke and cheap perfume,

yet those lips spur them beam.


all the way the kids giggle

all the chimes from her bangle

those eyes spark no spirit,

yet those lips fork with pretend lust.


the slimy backyard bubbled with come,

their sweat and her talcum.

no doors, four walls teal and pink,

yet them masked with a drape that stink.


stood there a man of skin thick,

gained from the pain of these flock.

flesh rubbed, humped and bruised,

yet they smiled to make them glad.


as they arise to the sounds of noon ‘salah’,

they hear the buzz of their borough.

never like before, glaring into the harsh sun,

yet she rose from that bed, wearing a helpless grin.



Big hair and a loud mouth

Stay wild
You gypsy child

All the smiles  you sprinkle
May that bring a ripple
Of joy to the people
You make a bundle

Sway all the while , copiously
Twirling the big hair of yours
And laugh ceaselessly
With that loud mouth of yours

Stay wild
You gypsy child
From all the dawn you perform
Till the final state has come.




Dear angel, dear self

In an uneventful day , with my mundane happenings

Saw across the hall, leaning onto the wall ,an angel with wings .

Smiling at one and all, without flouting a glimpse

Thought , and rifled for a reason , a purpose

Why that winged thing ,nevertheless a beautiful one

Waiting for none , but yearning like a love prone .


Wrinkles from the yesteryear

The days were just black and blue ,
And I would walk till my feet turn blue.

Thoughts of the man, I once loved
Dreams of the future we once paved .

Never did I see the wrinkles then and
Never did I cringe for the coming end.

He’s come a long way,
I came a long way .

A long way was all we had
A long way with no hue we had
A long way of dreading anguish we had
And all along we never saw the wrinkles, we made.


my very own watchwords !!

Stand up with your raised hands everyday for two minutes !!

Smile a lot, because it makes you happy no matter what  !!

Never compare , because its never the same !!!

Always know that  the experiences are individualistic !!

Whats gone is gone, let it go and do not chase it !!

Listen to the rhythm of your heart and follow it !!

And Finally ……….

Love yourself a lot, because no one can match the way you do it …